The Kit Heath Story

In 1984, the visionary sibling duo, Kit Heath and Katie Nickell, embarked on an inspiring design journey that still continues to this day. Hailing from the breath-taking landscapes of North Devon, they founded Kit Heath, a silver jewellery brand deeply rooted in the essence of timeless British style and coastal allure. And even now, they remain firmly in their beloved North Devon.

Kit's early affinity for jewellery was evident during his school days when he exhibited a natural talent for crafting sterling silver pieces. In a creative spark that would shape his destiny, he 'recycled' the family candlesticks, ingeniously melting them down to bring his designs to life. The result was an array of original pieces that captured the hearts of friends and family, marking the beginning of a lifelong passion for creating original silver jewellery.

Katie brought her own artistic flair to the partnership as the brand's creative director and plays a pivotal role in each design, making beautiful pieces in life story collections that resonate timelessly with the wearer. With their joint desire to make a difference - to stand out for their attention to detail - the brand's original ethos has grown into its confident roots.


Love Silver…Love Kit Heath

With the company about to mark its 40th year and guided with an unwavering commitment to core values like trust, opportunity, consideration and connection, Kit Heath continues to flourish as a brand that stands for classic appeal and uncompromising quality. 

Their journey has come a long way since those early days when Kit sold his creations from his trusted VW campervan, but their passion for creating designs that capture the spirit of North Devon and evoke emotion, remains as strong as ever. 


Sustainability Journey

At Kit Heath, we are dedicated to being transparent about our sustainability journey, as we strive to make positive change. 

It is our aim to create jewellery in as a sustainable way as possible, without compromising on design and quality. As such, we are actively collaborating with our supplier partners to use recycled silver and materials in our designs and packaging while responsibly recycling at every touch point. 

To find out more and keep up to date, join us on our journey and visit our Sustainability Blog pages.

In 1984 sibling co-founders Kit Heath and Katie Nickell began their design partnership, inspired by the sea and landscape of North Devon in the South West of England.

Our Story In 1984 brother and sister founders Kit Heath and Katie Nickell began their design partnership, taking inspiration from the coast and landscape of North Devon in the Southwest of England and timeless British style. Whilst at school, Kit melted down the family candlesticks to create sterling silver jewellery for friends and family. His passion for jewellery ignited, Kit went on to sell into gift and jewellery shops from his VW camper van and Katie collaborated and led the creative side. Love Silver…Love Kit Heath Today, the British jewellery designer brand Kit Heath is renowned for distinctive sterling silver jewellery. Our philosophy is to create personal and enduring pieces, each lovingly evolved from an inspiring idea into a stunning collection. Our jewellery exudes the purity of silver and timeless elegance of design. Attention to detail shines from each delicious curve, each unexpected twist of silver, and every sparkling gemstone. Every piece is a sensory delight, a tactile joy, and a discerning gift. Our stories feature the eternal themes of love, friendship, and nature, creating jewellery that will be treasured for years to come. Aiming for a positive impact on the environment We all need to see what we can do better to love and look after our beautiful planet. We aim to be a kind as we can to our environment. Our jewellery is worth holding on to – it is timeless, classic, with an understated elegance and quality that is designed to stand the test of time and be enjoyed for years to come. The Kit Heath team has made it a daily mission to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. We never stop striving to improve our environmental credentials.