Two-Year Product Guarantee

We are extremely protective and diligent in our quality and standards of our designed silver jewellery.  We have confidence in our high quality and quality control checks and are pleased to offer a website Product Guarantee.

Designs purchased from come with a two-year guarantee, commencing from the date of purchase on our website. 

Your design of Kit Heath is covered by warranty over this period and any manufacturing faults or defects will be repaired or your jewellery replaced.  Any designs no longer available online will be replaced by a comparable priced design.

This guarantee does not cover any defects due to wear and tear, mistreatment (contravening for care and wear guidelines), any alterations at all (such as the addition or removal of links), or natural variations in gemstone colour, designs are replaced at the discretion of Kit Heath.

If you have any questions regarding the quality with your Kit Heath jewellery, contact our helpful customer service team.

All our sterling silver jewellery is AnchorCert Pro UKAS-accredited and has passed testing for metallic elements that may cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis, making us compliant with REACH, Nickel and General Product Safety Regulations for jewellery.

This means complete freedom from metal allergies and sensitivities for the majority. No other testing standard offers this distinction.